Apr 2015 : Report of KCIAPM Slide Seminar

R V Metropolis, Bengaluru

The second slide seminar of 2015 was hosted by RV Metropolis Lab. The moderators were- Dr Ravikumar H N , Dr VaniRavikumar and Dr Santosh K.V.

 Ten histopathology cases were selected from the archives of RV Metropolis and forty sets of slides were despatched to various medical colleges of Karnataka. Ten PGs from different medical colleges were selected to present the microscopic features of these cases. Also, microphotographs of these cases were posted in KCIAPM web site.

Eighteen colleges sent in their responses, which were compiled by the moderators.

Breakfast was hosted by RV Metropolis Lab and the session started at 10 AM.  Dr Vijay shankara s , Hon Secretary began the session by  welcoming the students.Case 1-3 discussed by Dr Ravikumar, Cases 4-7 by Dr VaniRavikumar and cases 8-10 by Dr Santosh KV. A total of 120 delegates attended this program. The venue was Pathology Lecture Hall at Victoria Hospital, BMC&RI. Dr Raghupathi, Prof&HOD, was gracious to provide the venue.

The discussion emphasised on approach to case diagnosis, with relevant recent classifications, role of IHC markers and special stains. Basics in approach to a histopathlogic diagnosis were discussed in detail. There was active participation by the PGs and it was truly an interactive slide seminar.

The session ended at 1.30PM. The best presenter was Dr Anoosha from Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical sciences, B G Nagara and she was awarded a cash prize by the moderators.

Dr Anoosha receiving the “Best Presenter’ Award  from Dr Santhosh.

The feedback from the PGs was that it was a very useful seminar and helped them for a practical approach to slide interpretation. The consultants from RV Metropolis have reiterated that they will host such slide seminars every year and keep up the tradition as well their commitment to teaching PG students.

Case Slide Diagnosis

Histopath No Presenters History Diagnosis
H72374 Dr. Aneesha Asok Kumar MSRMC 58/F. Mass in the right nasal
cavity. Fragmented bits received.
C/S - homogenous grey-white
Plasmablastic NHL
H72126 Dr. Shashikala MIMS MANDYA 65/M with generalised
lymphadenopathy and
splenomegaly. Section from
axillary lymph node.
Castleman’s disease progressing to low progressing to low
grade NHL, with sarcoid-like granulomas
H75688 Dr. Ankit Malhotra KIMS, 31/F. Left superficial
parotidectomy specimen. C/S -
2.3x2 cm nodule.
Pleomorphic RMS adenoma with
stromal atypia
H47605 Dr. Nitika Grover VIMS, Ballari 50/F. Wide excision specimen of
left thigh tumor. Mass measured
15x14x5 cm; had grey-white
fleshy cut surface
Pleomorphic RMS
H74295 Dr. Keerthi RKMIO, 45/F. Left radical nephrectomy
specimen, 21x12x10 cm. C/S
grey-white with hemorrhage and
Chromophobe RCC
H76289 Dr. Anoosha K AIMS, BG NAGARA 31/M. Left suprarenal mass. Gross
specimen - 7x5x3.5 cm, cut
surface - yellowish
Adrenal Oncocytoma
H76324 Dr. Najmunnissa S MVJMC 21/M. History of left nasal
obstruction since childhood.
Multiple fragments of bony & soft
tissue sent.
Psammomatoid ossifying fibroma
H77464 Dr. Ajaz M Dar Yenepoya MC 75/M. Excision biopsy from
swelling in right lateral thigh. C/S
- grey-white nodule 4.5x4 cm
Giant solitary trichoepithelioma
H70248 Dr. Narasimha Murthy BMCRI 53/F. Right ovarian cystectomy.
Specimen was 17x13x10 cm. C/S
- solid and cystic areas.
Adult granulosa cell tumor
H74326 Dr. Prahi Kukreja KS Hegde MC 58/F with external hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoidectomy specimen.
Pemphigus vulgaris with hemorrhoids