Report of the event

The CME was a collaborative effort between the KCIAPM, Department of Pathology & Trichy SRM Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre. Since the KCIAPM had taken up the mantle of conducting the scientific sessions there was an array of visiting luminaries from Davangere, Bengaluru and nearby colleges in Karnataka. Dr.P.Shashikala, the President of KCIAPM started the scientific sessions auspiciously by lighting the lamp.

The first copy of the souvenir was released by the Deputy Director (Campus), who was also the chairperson for the first session. The discussion of cases & slides in Dermatopathology by Dr.P.Shashikala was exemplary and exhaustive.


Dr.K.V.Santhosh from R.V Metropolis Bangalore, the Treasurer of KCIAPM shared his expertise in Gastrointestinal biopsy. The mucosal biopsies were dealt with meticulously and the approach and care needed the description and diagnosis of the common problems elucidated.

Professor Dr. T.M.Subbarao, the Hematology resource person for the CME dealt with a series of case studies in hematology unraveling the mystery that Hematopathology is, making it seem very simple.

Dr. S.R. Raja Parthiban from MVJ College, Bangalore explained another difficult terrain of pathology with ease and expertise – Bone & Soft tissue pathology. The hard calcified tissues became soft and mellow descriptions and the diagnosis seemed to jump out from the images by themselves.

Dr.S.Vijay Shankar from AIIMS, Bellur walked through an unusual and newer topic with youthful energy and passion. The use of technology and social media in Medical education were highlighted.

The arrangements for transport, accommodation and other amenities including food, tea, snacks etc were excellent and meticulously executed. The infrastructure and other associated paraphernalia necessary for such events were generously and promptly provided by the management and institutional administration.

The feedback obtained reflected the high standards of the program. The organizing team is grateful for the opportunity and bows their heads in gratitude to all the good souls who made this happen.