Report of the event

One day CME with fourth Histopathology slide seminar and cytology Quiz of 2018 was hosted by Apollo hospitals, Bengaluru on  Saturday, 8th September 2018.

CME was conducted at Level III training hall, Apollo hospitals – Banner ghatta road.  About 90 Postgraduate students of pathology and 20 consultant pathoilogists  from various medical colleges and corporate hospitals across Karnataka have attended.

Ten interesting histopathology cases were selected from the archives of Pathology department, Apollo Hospital.  All slides were converted to virtual slide image (Courtesy: Anand diagnostics, Bengaluru) and uploaded to KCIAPM website on 20th August for viewing and diagnosing the cases.

The programme began with inauguration followed by a Lecture on interpretation of endoscopic biopsies and Pathology of Non-neoplastic lesions of GIT by Dr. Swarna Shivakumar . Moderators for this session-Dr. Jyothi Ranganathan and Dr. Shanti.

Post graduates from previously allotted ten medical colleges presented the microscopic findings of the respective cases and the differential diagnosis. Each case was later discussed in detail with IHC findings and final diagnosis by Dr. Harini, Dr. Kanya Kumari and Dr. Neelima.  Judges for  slide seminar – Dr. Kusuma Venkatesh & Dr. Mubeen Ahmed.

Dr. Madhurya Rameneni,  from Kasturba Medical college, Mangaluru , received the best presenter trophy and a certificate.

Cytology quiz was conducted and 21 post graduate students have participated. A preliminary written MCQ test was conducted and 4 teams were selected for  Quiz. Quiz master – DR. Seema Hegde conducted the quiz with case history and cytology images along with questions. Judges for Quiz- Dr. K.V.Santosh & Dr. Vijaya Shankar.

Winner of the Quiz, Dr. Dr. Madhurya Rameneni,  from Kasturba Medical college, Mangaluru  and Dr. Harshitha  S.P. form Rajajarajeshwari medical college, Bengaluru received the trophy.

The event concluded at 5.00pm with vote of thanks.

Case Slide Diagnosis


Case No. Diagnosis Immunohistochmistry
1. Metastatic primary peritoneal serous carcinoma Positive – CK Cocktail, CK7, WTI, Ki67- 25-30%

Negative – CK20, CDX2, Chromogranin, Synaptophysin


2. Osteoblastoma  


3. Rhino-orbital-cerebral mucor mycosis with Nasopharyngeal adenoid hypertrophy Positive – CD45, CD3, CD20, TDT in occ. Cells, Ki 67: <3%

Negative – Ck Cocktail, Vimentin, NSE, Synaptophysin, Chromogranin A, CD117

4. Metastatic synovial sarcoma Positive – Vimentin, BCL2, Ck Cock tail, CK7, EMA(Focal), Ki67:20-25%.

Negative – TTF1, Napsin A, CK5/6, Calretinin, CD34.

5. Metastatic renal cell carcinoma Positive– Ck Cock tail, EMA, Vimentin, CD10, Ki67:15-20%.

Negative – NSE, Chromogranin, Synaptophysin.

6. Solid peudopapillary neoplasm of pancreas Positive– Vimentin, NSE, Synaptophysin, Ki67-10-12%

Negative –Ck Cocktail, CK7, CK20, CA19-9, CEA, CDX2, Chromogranin.


7. Metastatic thymoma


Positive –  CK Cocktail, CK5/6, CK7, LCA, CD3, BCL2, TdT, CD99, Ki67:60-70%

Negative – Caletinin, CD5, CD117, CD20, BCL6, CD23, CD10, Cd30, EMA, ALKp80.

8. Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma with rhabdomyosarcomatous differentiation Positive – Vimentin, Desmin, SMA, S100, CD68, Myogenin, Ki67-30-40%.

Negative – CD34, Melanoma, p53.

9. Cribriform –Morular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma
10. Borderline serous tumor of fallopian tube Positive – Ck Cocktail, WT1, P53-10-15%, Ki67- 10-12%.