Samples pouring in, all round the clock

Purple, blue, green capped and more in the stock.

The CBC analysers are on their toes sucking and counting,

And the slides are all decked up for the final step of mounting.

The urine analyser is loaded with urine strips afresh,

The coagulation machine is trying to peep through the clot mesh.

Fluids have got lined up to be scrutinised for their content,

Neutrophils or lymphocytes is the report to be sent?

The ESR machine is eagerly waiting to get some attention ….

As it knows the sample will reach it, only after everything else is done.

The flow cytometer is resting happily in its dark cool chamber

Before the CD4 count samples awaken it from its deep slumber.

The technicians are engaged, yet have their eyes on the clock

Waiting for their shift to end and their relievers to hold the dock.

Such is a busy day in our Hematology laboratory

Where working is the rule and learning is complementary.