KAPCON 2021 Path Blogs

At KAPCON 2021 Path Blogs Publish your passions your way. Share your knowledge, experiences, opinions on the current state and future of Pathology and connect with all delegates with your blogs.

Amidst the Pink and Blue : Dr Vaishali Nagpal

Pathlore As the light fades And darkness takes over We go to war with time and power Microscope comes to aid All alone standing in chaos We stay strong and try to mitigate the loss We face spite Not only by patients, But also our colleagues to my delight Let me tell...

The Perfect Mystery Circle : Dr Rose Mary Thomas

It has only been a year since I embarked upon this voyage into the depths of a beautiful subject called Pathology. Shades of pink and blue that looked exactly the same in multiple fields, never seemed to make much sense during the undergraduate years. I’m honestly a...


Did you ever have that sensation where, you’re watching someone do something — like playing the last over in cricket or say getting pricked by a needle — and you can feel exactly what they must be feeling? Why do we get that feeling????? Mirror neurons were originally...

Nature is like Bone Marrow: Dr P A Sanjuktha

Bone marrow has several components and all of them are supposed to follow a lineage from development of cartilage to bone to erythropoiesis myelopoiesis  and to maintain its ratio along with lymphocytes and plasma cells . We always give a negative line of “no atypical...

CORONAry-19 – Dr Dhairyasheel Salunkhe,

"This blog is written by me in the form of a poem during corona pandemic emergence .Its depicts my feelings as a Post graduate student during lockdown times away from my home". CORONAry-19 The Earth turned around its axis, The Sun rose for the day The people,...

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