About Us


Karnataka Chapter of the Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists (KCIAPM) is a non-commercial, professional organization founded under the guidance of National organization Indian Association of Pathologist and Microbiologist (founded in 1949) with the objective of promotion and advancement of pathology, microbiology and allied sciences.

It acts as an expert technical body to express its views on all matters (and questions that may arise) on education, training, professional practice and quality control and passes them on to the competent authorities for implementation. It provides a forum for presentation and publication of research activities in the fields by way of conferences and its online journals.

The research activities are encouraged through scholarship, prizes and awards. The KCIAPM promotes dissipation of knowledge and exchange of new ideas and technologies by inducing the experts to arrange CME programs and workshops.

KCIAPM annual conferences are being organised under the guidance and supervision of KCIAPM regulatory body, in different parts of Karnataka who invites the event in rotational basis.