Slide Seminar 1 - Jan 2018

Anand Diagnostic Laboratory

20 Jan, 2018


Time 2:00 PM


Anand Diagnostic Laboratory



Anand Diagnostic Lab, Bengaluru.


We are pleased to conduct an interactive slide seminar on 20th Jan 2018 at Anand Diagnostic Laboratory, Bangalore.

Virtual Whole Slide Images of cases in the Slide Seminar are available online. We encourage all (PGs and non-PGs) to view them and send us your diagnoses / DDs through email to:


Case Details


The  Heads of the department concerned are kindly requested to delegate the responsibility to any one of their postgraduate to present his/her views during the seminar. The best presenter shall be awarded by KCIAPM. The medical colleges selected for participation in this interactive slide seminar are as follows.

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