MARCH 2018: REPORT of KCIAPM SLide seminar held at CAH yeswanthpur

KCIAPM interactive slide seminar

Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Bangalore organised a CME ( Columbia Pathology Clinics-2 ) on Saturday, 24th March 2018.

It was a 4 hour programme and 46 postgraduates / consultants turned up from across the state.

There were ​interactive ​lectures on biochemistry (  “Thyroid function tests – A case based approach”, by Dr Sweta Shivashanker ), microbiology ( “Bugs in the CSF”, by Drs Angelina Mendos and Anisha M Fernandes ) as well as ones on “Liver Biopsy interpretation – The basics” by Dr Sanjeev Katti and “Histograms and scattergrams in CBCs” by Dr Jayashree D Kulkarni and “Interesting Haematology cases” by Dr Shwetha R Bangalore.

Case Slide Diagnosis

The diagnoses of the 8 cases were

  1. Ochronisis, synovium, knee
  2. Adenocarcinoma oesophagus with kayexalate crystals
  3. PEComa, liver ( Angiomyolipoma )
  4. Rhinoscleroma ( fibrosing )
  5. Extranodal SHML
  6. Takayasu’s arteritis
  7. Schistosomiasis, bladder. ( A case for the possibility of concurrent Carcinoma in situ of the bladder has been suggested by the presenting college ; the slide will be re-evaluated and the final impression will be communicated later )
  8. Toxoplasma lymphadenitis

Dr Fazeela Muneer of KIMS, Bangalore was adjudged best presenter of the slide at the slide seminar.​